I'm Angel Dominguez, the main person behind Angel Engineering and this blog. If you need consulting for your project, want a custom cross-platform mobile application developed  or would like private training for yourself or team of developers, I am available for hire.

Take a look at the following options, and if you’re interested, send an email to [email protected].

Support or Consulting- $40 / Hour

If you’re tired of waiting around and sifting through various forum boards and Stack Overflow and would like to communicate with a real person, this is the package to consider.

With basic support, you’ll have access to my email and will be able to leverage my help if you get stuck on something within any of your projects or before starting a new project. Stuck on a bug or unsure how to include something in your project? Have questions about improving your skills, business or software platform, but need something better than email support? This is a perfect package for help with those problems.

Email responses will be sent within 24 hours, often sooner. Time tracking is lenient, but should you ever exceed your purchased hours, you will be asked to renew.

Development Services - $60 / Hour

Need a cross-platform mobile application updated or enhanced, or work done on a  server back-end for your app or other client software? If you only need occasional help for smaller projects, then this package is the one for you.

For larger projects such as development of a complete mobile client/server platform, contact me via email to setup a phone call to discuss your proposal in detail.